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Bravo! Excellent post. My memory of seeing the film is decades old and faded, I must have been too young to really take in much of the romance and remember only the heroism of Spartacus, his betrayal by the pirates, the loyalty of his men, and his final crucifixion.

I must be out of the loop as I didn't realize the "red pill" movement had gotten so dark. Isn't that "black pilled"? I don't know . . . .

But given that the term "red pilled" comes from The Matrix, isn't it odd that it should have taken on such negative connotations? Isn't Neo as a fictional character comparable with the historical hero Spartacus? Neo doesn't just see the truth, his mission is to liberate mankind (i.e. all men and all women), and like Spartacus, he cannot be bought. And isn't his relationship with Trinity like Spartacus's with Virinia?

A historical note - I cannot remember if this is in the film, but I doubt it - the term "crass" comes from a direct reference to Crassus. Even the Romans didn't like him.

Very interesting article, thank you.

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